LUVD is a clothing brand that gives a portion of each sale to the cause of your choice. LUVD is a brand on a mission. LUVD is a means to amend. YOU ARE LUVD.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything in nearly four months, please check out I’ve had the privilege of writing the copy for the website and helping with brand development. Eight months ago, a guy I didn’t know approached me about helping him revise a vision he had written for the company. Today, that vision document has turned into a full on website that will blow your minds right out of your faces. And the guy I didn’t know, I now consider one of my best friends. LUVD has been the most demanding, rewarding and outright fun project I have ever worked on. I will continue to be involved with LUVD as it grows, so plan on hearing about it occasionally here as I keep you updated. I will also be writing for the LUVD blog at times, so be sure to subscribe to it! Good stuff coming! So check out the site, buy a shirt, support a great cause, and be sure to let us know about the experience!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming….