No Chone Zone

We all have causes that spark a passion and cause us to join the ranks of fellow believers. Some of us however, are given an opportunity to begin a movement. We stand on our soapbox and call others to action – inviting the faceless multitude to make their voices heard. Bono has the ONE campaign, Lance has Livestrong, Oprah has the No Phone Zone, and I…have the No Chone Zone.

Starting today, I invite all of you to take part in a new campaign to make your pants a “No Chone Zone.” Standing with my brothers and sisters, we will raise our voices and say “No! We will NOT wear our underwear. Not today.” So my friends, please be a part of a safer tomorrow and join my cause. I urge you to write your pledge in the comments section, saying “No to chones,” making your pants a “No Chone Zone.” Some generations are known for their tenacity and lack of fear. Ours, will be known for our lack of underwear. It’s a high calling friends. Let’s take this seriously. Join me, won’t you?

One thought on “No Chone Zone

  1. if there was a icon that i could insert that would be me with “bug eyes” i would do it right…….now.

    and is that a jock strap in your little graphic.. who wears those.. oh wait never mind…. i dont want to know.

    maybe ill make my bed a No Chones Zone. hows that.

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