Put a fork in me…

What a week. In LA Monday and Tuesday trying to help out a co-worker, back home Wednesday, new employee riding with me on Thursday and short staffed on Friday. All the while chasing numbers, trying to get to our goal. I leave early tomorrow morning for San Francisco to film a wedding and then next Tuesday I’ve got another new employee riding with me and my Regional Director on Wednesday. Then I’m in Tulare to film another wedding next weekend. Whew. You didn’t need to hear all that, but it felt good to get it out. Anyone doing something super exciting this weekend? Mind if I live vicariously?

3 thoughts on “Put a fork in me…

  1. i’m putting up crown molding in the kitchen. . .is that super exciting enough?

  2. I am working all day Saturday then heading back into SLO after Church on Sunday to work the Home Show. Must be a working weekend for everyone!

  3. I weeded flower beds, and went for a run. AWESOME times.. and maybe we will treat ourselves with some ice cream tonight.. mmmmm i ice cream.

    have a good weekend man.

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