Another question I don’t know the answer to…

“What do you want to write?”

It’s the most frequent question I get, second only to “Who would win in a cage match, you or Barbara Bush?” The writing question usually follows my acknowledging a love for writing. It’s a good question. It’s just that I don’t have an answer. I would love to write a screenplay. I’ve got an idea for a novel. There’s a pretty intense essay in the works and of course, this blog is a great outlet. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to narrow it down to one concentration, or try a bit of everything until I find my niche. As of today, my game plan is to do nothing and see if the words just magically materialize on the page.

A famous author once said that the hardest part of writing is “getting your ass in the chair.” I completely understand that struggle. Once I’ve started writing, the words come rather easily and it becomes fun. Writing for me is like a puzzle. Trying to find the perfect word for the thought. Then, trying to create a perfect sentence. Then paring sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs in to pages and so on. But finding the time and motivation to get my butt in the chair is the real challenge. Until then, I’ll just keep on daydreaming my writing career away.

I met someone this weekend who is a famous author. She’s been on Oprah and stuff. You ain’t shit unless you’ve been on Oprah. This author wrote a book with her best friend about parenting. It was their first book and it was obviously a major success. I was checking out her book today and it got me thinking, have there been any books written by fathers about parenting? I think I read one while Jenn was pregnant with London, but it was mostly about sex. Some disgruntled dude who was bumming about the infamous “six week” dry spell after childbirth. It was kind of funny, but was more of a novelty book. I’m wondering if there’s something out there that goes into more detail about the struggles of parenting from a father’s point of view. I obviously don’t need to read a book like this because I’ve got the parenting thing nailed, but it would be fun to write. Have any of you seen or read anything like this? If not, I might add it to my list of “things I’ll never actually write.”

3 thoughts on “Another question I don’t know the answer to…

  1. I’m not a friend, just a creeper who used to go to Calvary SLO. My husband has a book called The Pocket Muse, and in it is this quote.

    “My friend Alyson Hagy, whose writing makes me swoon, gave me the best writing advice I ever got:
    You have to be willing to write badly.”

    That’s all. I enjoy your writing!

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