Hard Drive Woes


Well, the hard drive on my laptop crashed, hence the lack of regular posts. The frustrating thing is that it was only six months old. It’s under warranty, so I was able to send it in for replacement, but the process just takes SO long. It’s a bit depressing how much not having a computer readily available has changed the way I go about my day. Every now and then I’ll get the shakes like I’m coming off a drug or something. Granted, we’ve got a home computer, but it’s slow and on it’s way out. Also, in the house we just moved into our home computer is on the bottom level, which has no furniture, so it’s not exactly inviting. Not to mention the place has four levels, so to get from my room on the top level to the bottom where the computer is at requires me to train like freaking Lance Armstrong to be able to deal with the stairs. I see an iPad in our future.

Anywho, just wanted to give you all an update and say hello. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday so far. TTYL BFF’S…

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