Your Love Endures

Darren and Jessie Clarke are leading worship at our church this morning. I’m super excited to hear their new single, “Your Love Endures.” I’ve been listening to these two lead worship for nearly ten years now and I’m still in awe of their talent. Darren has written some incredible worship songs, such as, “My Lord, My God” and “I Love Your Presence.” He wasn’t leading worship for a while, due in part to his work at Modern Music Academy, and beginning a family with his lovely wife, who’s voice is angelic. Seriously – angelic.

So, two things. It’s 7am now, so if you live within four hours of San Luis Obispo, CA – I suggest you get on the road now and you will have an opportunity to be lead in worship by these two. Secondly, whether you have a chance to hear it live or not, you should download their new single now, “Your Love Endures.”

Happy Sunday everyone.

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