The Necessity of Despair

It started two years ago with a question. “Why is it that hopelessness echoes and settles deep down in our bones, while often, joy fleetingly ripples across our skin?” I tried to resolve what I believed with what I felt, but they always seemed at odds with each other. I knew I had to write about it, if only to try and understand it myself. This article is the result of that thought process. Why did it take two years? Well, mostly because the issue of hopelessness and despair – and how to reconcile the two with the joy of the Lord, is a massive topic! I will only scratch the surface throughout this article. In any case, please don’t think that because it took so long, it will be brilliant. This is simply me trying to sort out a very complex idea in a way even I can understand. It’s not just theory either. The two years I worked on this were the toughest years of my life. I wrestled with these issues in a very tangible way. I sincerely hope this gives a fresh perspective and begins a dialogue here on the blog, as well as in churches, home groups, workplaces and pubs – wherever the Lord will take it.

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2 thoughts on “The Necessity of Despair

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  2. Good article. We will suffer things in this life, because of sin in this world, and not every day will be wonderful down here. But someday……can’t wait!

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